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Patient Resources - Credit and Collection Policy
Patient Resources - Credit and Collection Policy

Credit and Collection Policy

We require all patients pay, at the time services are rendered, any co-payments, deductibles or co-insurance amounts.If you are not sure if your deductible is met at the time of service, please advise our clerk and they will verify this for you. If you have no insurance, a deposit must be made. Please note that you are asked to present all needed insurance information at the time of registration so we may file on your behalf.


Patients with insurance plans requiring co-pays are expected to make these when registering. If you are not able to pay the co-pay at the time of service, you may be asked to reschedule the appointment.


Our hospital system accepts assignment on Medicare claims. You are still responsible for the amount of your co-insurance and deductible. If you have a supplemental insurance, we will file your insurance as a courtesy if you supply proper information at the time of your visit. If you do not have a supplement, you will receive a statement for any balances. These amounts are your responsibility to pay. Balances are expected to be paid within 30 days of receiving your bill.


Our hospital accepts Medicaid. You are responsible for bringing your Medicaid card and photo identification each time you present to the hospital for services. If you have a primary care physician, you are required to obtain a referral prior to services being provided. If the visit is an emergency, the registration clerk will notify your PCP of the need for a referral. If the registration clerk is unable to secure the referral, you will be informed the cost of the visit is your responsibility. Applicable deposits must be made prior to service.

Please keep in mind, Medicaid also limits the number of visits an adult can have per year. If you exceed these visits, we will require payment for the physician charges.


Our health system uses an outside agency to collect returned checks. The checks are forwarded directly to the outside agency by our financial institution. The patient is contacted by the agency and is responsible for any and all fees incurred by the financial institutions, the agency or its legal department.


It is your responsibility as a patient to notify us if your address or phone number changes. We reserve the right to transfer any account to a collection agency due to mail being returned.


The majority of insurance carriers now require a pre-certification or pre-authorization and/or referral prior to receiving hospital or clinic services. Most insurance plans require the physician or policyholder to initiate the prior authorization procedure. If your insurance has such a requirement, please inform your physician or contact your insurance carrier. Failure to meet insurance requirements may result in partial or complete denial of insurance benefits from your insurance company. Services may be deferred if not an emergency.


As a courtesy, DeSoto Regional Health System will bill primary, secondary and tertiary insurances if correct information is provided at registration. Please bring your insurance cards and photo identification to each visit. You are responsible for payment of any amount your insurance does not pay. Also, please keep in mind our contract is with you; and your contract is with your insurance company. By receiving services, you become responsible for payment. Please direct any questions about benefits to your insurance company.

If the patient is a child, both parents remain responsible for the child's bill until the child reaches 18 years of age. Despite what a divorce decree may state, each parent remains 100% responsible for paying their child's medical bills. It is up to the parent billed to communicate with the other parent to have the bill resolved. We do not become involved in any dispute over who is responsible for payment.

It is expected that all patients make "good faith” efforts to pay any balance due to the hospital system. Balances are expected to be paid within 30 days of receiving a bill. If payment arrangements need to be made, it is the patient's responsibility to contact our Patient Financial Services department. If payment is not received, the delinquent account will be forwarded to our collection agency and future non-emergency services may be postponed until payment is made. The patient will be responsible for any collection fees as well as all court costs and attorney fees incurred.

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